Laser Tag Game

Team Building in the San Fernando Valley or Santa Clarita

If a Team Building event is not fun, you’re not building a team. Good corporate managers and small business owners know that effective team building events combine challenges and the need to work as a team in activities where the contestants have a great time.

The more fun your employees have at a team building venue, the easier it is for them to commit to the challenge and gain something from it. So picking the right activity and venue are quite important.

Laser Tag is not only fun, but it’s safe and can provide a high potential for interesting challenges. At Valencia Laser Blast, the laser tag maze was specifically designed to appeal to players of all ages.

It achieves this with multi-levels, a myriad of interactive targets, dynamic lighting & sound effects, all in an arena where no two pathways or obstacles are alike.

In addition, team building contestants enjoy super-accurate equipment with strong power-ups and a wide variety of game formats: Along with basic games where attacking home bases are central, there are also games like Capture the Flag, Team Elimination, Alien vs Predator, and National Security, (where rebels try to take the U.S. President out, but have to get through the Secret Service to do it).

In order to win in any of these more exotic games, good strategy and communication with your teammates are essential, which is exactly what you want from team building activities. Meanwhile, your employees will thoroughly enjoy themselves.

Players can take breaks in the arcade, enjoy plenty of snacks & drinks, or order delicious pizza.

Just off the 5 freeway in downtown Santa Clarita, 5 minutes from Granada Hills & Northridge, or 20 minutes from Burbank, if you’re planning team building in the San Fernando Valley or Santa Clarita, drive over to Valencia Laser Blast, you & your employees will be glad you did.

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