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Team Building in the San Fernando Valley or Santa Clarita

Small business owners & corporate managers (successful ones) are always looking for ways to increase the spirit and overall effectiveness in their employees. Having people happy on the job and communicating well with each other is important to them. Effective managers know money invested in team building is well worth it.

They also know that for team building venues to be effective, the processes have to be fun. Dry, sophomoric team building programs are a waste of time. But when the games that “team build” are exciting and enjoyable, you’re off to a great start.

That’s why laser tag at Valencia Laser Blast is so appealing. Laser tag in itself is a game requiring anticipation, observation and focus. All elements valuable in the workplace. But the laser tag at Valencia Laser Blast goes well beyond what people are accustomed to.

The maze is designed with multi-levels and in such a way that no two pathways or obstacles are exactly the same. During a game, vibrant, pulsating, techno music blares, weird animal sounds abound and the haze-filled arena fills with different colored light streams.

Above all, what sets Valencia Laser Blast apart and makes it a stand-out team building venue are the wide variety of game formats to choose from. Simple, basic games, to all kinds of “elimination” games requiring considerable strategy and communication with teammates, exactly what you want from team building exercises.

Plenty of snacks & drinks are available, along with large party rooms that can be used for company business. And if food is integral, the pizza, pasta & salads from Pizza di Marco are excellent.

Located conveniently off the 5 freeway in Santa Clarita, 10 minutes from Granada Hills, Northridge or Sylmar, and less than 30 minutes from anywhere in the San Fernando Valley.

The next time you’re thinking of team building in the San Fernando Valley or Santa Clarita, or simply throwing a well-deserved company party, come on over to Valencia Laser Blast, you’ll be glad you did.

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