Fun Things to do Santa Clarita

Fun things to do Santa Clarita

People come to Santa Clarita from all over the world to visit Magic Mountain, come from far & wide to spend time in Vasquez Rocks or hike in our numerous, scenic trails.

Many local residents moved here to take advantage of our wonderful schools and plentiful sports programs.

Now, more & more people are finding one of the best places in Santa Clarita to relax and have a great time, regardless of age, is Valencia Laser Blast. Laser Tag is one of those rare games that just about everyone finds fun and exciting to play.

When you add to this, a well-lit, modern arcade, good variety of snacks and drinks, terrific pizza and spacious, private party rooms your chances of having a good time are pretty much assured.

But the thing that sets Valencia Laser Blast apart from other family entertainment centers is the quality of the laser tag.

Guests play in a multi-level maze filled with interactive targets, pulsating music, light & sound effects. No obstacle or pathway is quite the same. The haze-filled arena accentuates the light streams. And most importantly, there’s an abundance of game formats to choose from.

Young kids tend to go for the basic team games, but teenagers & adults like to add games requiring more strategy & planning, games like: Capture the Flag, Alien vs Predator, and National Security, where a group of rebels battles the secret service, trying to take the U.S. President’s 9 lives.

Perfect for family entertainment, a kid’s birthday party or a great place to have fun for a group of friends.

Conveniently located, close to the 5 freeway, 10 minutes from Granada Hills or Sylmar, only 20 minutes from Chatsworth, the next time you’re looking for fun things to do in Santa Clarita, drive over to Valencia Laser Blast. You’ll be glad you did.

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