Team Building Laser Tag

Team-Building in Santa Clarita or the San Fernando Valley

For team building events to be effective, they have to be fun. If you look back, the most memorable team building events were always the ones where you had a great time. Do you even remember the ones that were tedious and didactic?

Those of you who’ve spent hours wading through sophomoric material and meaningless exercises, know what I’m talking about.

The idea of team building is to bring people closer together, forge more effective working relationships.

The best way to do that is through games and activities that not only require good strategy & communication but are also happen to be loads of fun. That’s why Laser Tag is such an effective team building method.

On one hand, you get a workout. You must anticipate and stay alert. Be quick. But executing well-thought-out plans as part of a team is the real joy, exactly what the manager or small business owner wants.

The reasons team building at Valencia Laser Blast works so well are the same reasons people come from all over Los Angeles to play Laser Tag there.

The multi-level design, interactive targets, sound & light effects all help to make each game a real challenge & unlike the one before. Add to this a wide variety of games formats and you have Laser Tag you won’t find anywhere else

When it’s time for a break, there’s a modern, well-lit arcade featuring a good mix of games of skill & redemption. There’s plenty of available seating, both inside & on the patio where snacks & drinks can be enjoyed. Pizza can be ordered as well.

And for lunch & company business there are several large party rooms.

Just off the 5 freeway in the heart of Santa Clarita, no more than 30 minutes from anywhere in the San Fernando valley, the next time you’re planning team building in Santa Clarita or the San Fernando Valley, drive over to Valencia Laser Blast, you and your employees will be glad you did.

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