Laser Tag Birthday Party

Enjoy a Laser Tag Birthday Party near Northridge and Granada Hills

Kids love birthday parties, especially their own. They also love laser tag parties. So why not combine two of the things kids love most for their birthday and make it a laser tag birthday party.

Valencia Laser Blast in Santa Clarita specializes in kid’s birthday parties. It has several large party rooms (all private), a spacious, well-lit arcade-lobby area, plenty of snacks & drinks, delicious pizza from Pizza di Marco, plus excellent salads & pasta.

With three full games of laser tag, arcade tokens for each child, 2 slices of pizza, unlimited soda & lemonade plus your own private party room & hostess, the package is tough to beat.

On top of this, the laser tag is the most unique in Southern California, so you have a sure-fire recipe for a fun-filled, can’t miss birthday party.

Laser tag at Valencia Laser Blast is an experience. Virtually all the obstacles and pathways vary. There are multi-levels & multi-colored light streams shooting across the maze, while pulsating music and the cries of jungle animals can be heard throughout each game. The equipment is accurate & reliable. There’s also a wide variety of game formats to choose from. Parents and their adult friends will want to join in the fun.

In between games of laser tag, the kids can shoot hoops, play air hockey, or have a great time on games of redemption in the arcade.

If your child’s birthday is coming up soon, and you live in Northridge or Granada Hills, plan your kid’s birthday party with an activity that they’ll surely love, a Laser Tag Birthday Party near Northridge and Granada Hills at Valencia Laser Blast.

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