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Where is the best Laser Tag in Los Angeles or the San Fernando Valley

Where is the best laser tag in Los Angeles or the San Fernando Valley?  Angelenos who’ve taken the short drive up the 5 to Valencia Laser Blast in Santa Clarita don’t ask that question. They’ve learned where the best laser tag is played and return with their friends again & again.

Valencia Laser Blast was built with playability for adults in mind. Kids love laser tag. It’s fairly straightforward to construct an arena they’ll like. But to create something that appeals to people in their 20s to 60s a good deal more thought was called for.

Nothing cookie-cutter. Each hiding place & obstacle unique. Multi-levels, making each game different than the one before it. Add interactive targets, great sound & lighting effects with haze that catches the streams of light, and you’ve got the setting for an intensely, interesting, good game & challenge.

Just as important are the variety of game formats. Kids love basic team games and so do adults. But after a few games played, it’s nice to know, additional, more challenging games are available.

Elimination games and Capture the Flag require communication and successful strategy to win. A game like National Security where the President has only 9 lives requires an even deeper level of strategy whether you’re on the secret service or rebel side.

Add to this a modern arcade, large party rooms, plenty of available seating in a spacious lobby with the latest game always on the big screen, plus plenty of snacks & drinks to go with really good pizza, and you have a great place to stay a few hours.

The next time you’re wondering where is the best laser tag in Los Angeles or the San Fernando Valley, or you and your friends (or family) are in the mood for something different, challenging & fun, drive up to Valencia Laser Blast in Santa Clarita, you’ll be glad you did!

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