Laser Tag in Los Angeles

Looking for great Laser Tag in Los Angeles

Did you know that just over the north hills of the San Fernando Valley, in Santa Clarita, is the best laser tag in Los Angeles?

That’s right! The most challenging & interesting laser tag you’ll find is no more than 15-30 minutes away at Valencia Laser Blast. We certainly do have great laser tag in Los Angeles.

The maze is the inside of an alien spaceship. Players move up and down different levels, sneaking along unique pathways, taking cover behind other-worldly painted walls & obstacles that never repeat.

Light effects abound. The music is loud. Because the arena is filled with haze, light streams shoot across the playing area.

None of this would matter, if the equipment wasn’t reliable and accurate. You can deactivate an opponent or hit one of the interactive targets from 100 feet away.

On top of all this is a great variety in game formats. All players like basic team games. But teenagers & adults want to test their skills in more intricate games that require greater team-work & strategy. Games like Capture the Flag, National Security (where the secret service protects the US President from a group of rebels) and Alien vs Predator are all favorites of our regulars.

Come in with a group of friends. Throw a birthday or company party. The party rooms are large. The pizza is excellent. Plenty of snacks & drinks. Prices are very reasonable.

The arcade is modern & well-lit with plenty of available seating (patio seating as well), plus a big screen in the lobby with the latest game always on.

If you live in the San Fernando Valley, or near the hills of Hollywood through west L.A., and you’re looking for great laser tag in Los Angeles, drive up to Valencia Laser Blast, you’ll be glad you did.

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