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My wife & I along with most of our friends are always looking for things we can do with our kids. Road trips, backyard activities, jumping in the pool, board games, exploring the beautiful natural areas we have around Bakersfield

It’s not too often though, that we find a game where we can actually have fun competing with the kids, and even get our butts kicked. One of those games happens to be laser tag. And there’s no better place for laser tag, if you’re looking for fun things to do close to Bakersfield, than Valencia Laser Blast.

The staff are always friendly and accommodating, explaining each game thoroughly. They never rush through it. Their knowledge and attitude actually make it a lot more fun.

There’s a nice, modern arcade to enjoy between games. Plenty of snacks & drinks are available plus excellent pizza from Pizza di Marco. There’s also plenty of seating inside & on the patio, with a big screen TV tuned in to the latest game.

But the laser tag is special. Designed to appeal to teenagers & adults as well as kids, the games available to choose from vary so distinctly that each time you play it’s a different experience.

The arena itself is unique & fun. Multi-levels. Each pathway differs from the rest. Dynamic sound effects & pulsating music add to the excitement. So do the light streams shooting across the maze, enhanced by a haze machine.

Think you can beat your kids? You might be older and wiser but it’s doubtful you’re as quick as they are. No matter what, it’s a workout. And you’ll all have a great time.

Close to the 5 freeway, near the Westfield Mall. The next time you’re looking for things to do close to Bakersfield, drive down to Valencia Laser Blast. You’ll be glad you did.

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