Laser Tag Birthday Parties Bakersfield

Laser Tag Birthday Parties near Bakersfield

Now that your child is attending elementary school, he’s going to be looking for new games & challenges for his birthday. At the top of that list, will be laser tag!

Valencia Laser Blast features a unique, multi-level, laser tag maze (over 5,000 square feet) along with an upbeat, modern arcade emphasizing redemption games, (the kind that give lots of tickets).

Only an hour from Bakersfield, and close to the 5 freeway, a birthday party at Valencia Laser Blast is as close to “can’t-miss” as you can get.

Kids love laser tag! They’ll play it over & over again, never tiring. They just want a great set-up, which they certainly get at Valencia Laser Blast. And because we know teenagers & adults like to mix things up and play in a variety of game formats, that’s been provided, and then some.

Along with fundamental team games, they can play Rabbit of the Arena, Capture the Flag, Alien vs Predator, team-based & solo elimination games plus many more.

Your party itself is based out of your own private party room with a party hostess dedicated to you. All party rooms are large and beautifully hand-painted by Megan Janzen.

Plenty of snacks & drinks are available and for parties the pizza is provided by Pizza di Marco. Delicious pasta & salads can be ordered as well.

The arcade features a good mix of modern and classic games. It’s well-lit and designed so parents can easily see their kids roaming around in it. There’s also a big screen with plenty of seating in the arcade area so dad can watch the latest game while keeping an eye on the kids.

Looking for laser tag birthday parties near Bakersfield? Drive down to Valencia Laser Blast. You & your child will be glad you did.

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