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Welcome to Valencia Laser Blast

It’s rare to find a game where people of almost every age can participate and actually have a great time. Enjoyed the world over by young & old alike, girls as much as boys, Laser Tag is an exciting game that truly gets your adrenaline going while being lots of fun. Played by teams, each participant with his own phaser and computerized vest with sensors, the idea is to “tag” your opponents (sensors) and if possible “tag” their home base.

Whenever a player is tagged himself, his phaser deactivates for a short while, which means he can’t score any points for that period of time. So the idea is to tag without being tagged yourself. In reality, just tag them more than they tag you, and you’ll score more points. You’ll also score mega-points by tagging their home base.

Perfect for birthday parties for any age, great for kids entertainment as well as family entertainment, or if you are just looking for things to do in Santa Clarita.

Also, if you’re looking for an unusual but on-point venue for a corporate team-building event, you won’t be disappointed.

Laser Tag at its best,
and in the heart of Santa Clarita.


Are you ready for a Laser Blast Challenge?

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